Arbeitsblatt: Vocabulary NSE1


S+S füllen die Lücken mit dem Vokabular aus Unit 15 aus.
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Vocabulary Unit 15 – 3a und 4a Fill in each gap with the missing word. lady thousand dont forget dog kidnap poodle love help hate ask for fantastic ask him dont ask us 1) A: Do you have any pets? B: Yes, have cat and. 2) Teacher: What is 10 multiplied by 100? Student: One . 3) love your idea. Its . 4) Peter is Sandras new boyfriend. She really him. 5) to hand in (abgeben) your essays (Aufsätze). 6) Another word for wife is. 7) Tourist: Excuse me, could you tell me where the museum is? Marc and Susie:, we have no idea! Ask somebody else. 8) Marcus salad. He cant eat it. 9) A: Can you favour? B: Yes of course. What can do for you? 10) A: Can you me, please? B: Im sorry, dont have time. . He can help you. 11) Joe Jones wants to.