Arbeitsblatt: Vocabulary Unit 15


S+S füllen die Lücken mit dem Vokabular aus Unit 15 aus.
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Vocabulary Unit 15 – 4b, 5, 7 Exercise 1 Fill in each gap with the missing word. dad buy contact midnight listen to tape gold ring invite open lesson page worm 1) Birds like to eat . 2) Peter: How many does the book have? Marc: It has 300. It takes you long time to read it! 3) Maria got as wedding present from her husband. 4) At 00.00 at night we say it is. 5) the teacher when he is speaking! 6) you to the cinema. You dont have to pay! 7) school is normally 45 minutes long. 8) your book at page 56. 9) The is already very old. Nowadays you burn music on CD. 10) me if you have any problems. 11) Anna: Do you the new car you saw yesterday? Alice: dont know. It is little bit expensive! 12) call my parents mom and.