Arbeitsblatt: Short answers in tables


In Tabellen werden short answers eingetragen. Es werden die positive und negative short answer gesucht. Außerdem werden eigene Sätze eingetragen, die zur Kommunikation mit den Mitschülern anregen.
5. Schuljahr
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Anne Rass
Land: Deutschland
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Short answer revision Task: Fill in the table. Write with pencil if you are unsure. On the next page make your own examples. I can open this book. Can open this book? You are my sister. He has new bike. She can swim fast. We are nice kids. You all are in my class. They have blue bag. Am a naughty child? You have blond hair. Has he girl-friend? She can sing great song. Are we in year five? You can go on the swing. Are we all girls? We are clever group. Yes, can. No, cant. Short answer revision Short answer revision Task: Do this interview with your partner (can be two altogether, e.g. also your mum) and fill in his or her answers. Proof your answers! Questions Are you in Mrs./ Mr.s s class? Are you boy? Have you got brown school bag? Have you got sister? Can you write your name with your left hand? Can you count to thirty in English? Can you name ten things that start with an „e? Can you count from fifteen to zero? Have you got ruler in your pencil-case? Have you got dark hair? Are you good drawer of spongebob? Can you say all the lines of „The swing poem? Can you. (go on yourself!) Answers (from: )