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Brigitte Huber
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Inversions after adverbs with „restrictive, negative meaning (e.g: hardly, scarcely, little, never, not until) only time expression or prepositional phrase (in) no way, at no time, under no circumstances, on no account Little did we realise the true extent of his involvement. Never have seen such disturbing sight. Hardly had arrived when Suzy collared me. Not until much later did she learn who her real father was. Only later did he manage to get permission. Only with great deal of effort was he able to escape. No way am going to wear that! (informal) Under no circumstances can refunds be given. not only/ time expression/ person or thing Not only is he late, (but) he hasnt even bought present. Not since the sixties has pop group won such acclaim. Not single stone was left unturned in the search. no sooner. than No sooner had we set out than the skies opened. clauses beginning with neither or nor They have no intention of paying and neither have we. We couldnt face the customers and nor could the boss. clauses beginning with may which describe strong wish May he live to regret his decision! after fronted comparisons, also, such The captain is refusing to play under these conditions and so is the rest of the team. and so Expressions with no, not which are not listed above e.g. no doubt) cannot be inverted! wrong: No doubt will he give us key. right: No doubt he will give us key. We do not invert the subject and auxiliary after only if there is no time expression or prepositional phrase immediately after it: wrong: Only can members park there. right: Only on Sundays can members park there. Only members can park there.