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Text inkl. Voci zum Thema "Ernährung" Arbeitsblätter zum Text Folie mit Anregungen und Fragen für eine Diskussionsrunde in der Klasse
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Rahel Zois
Land: Schweiz
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Boy, 12 year old, eats himself to death California, USA. young boy of twelve years named Jason M. weighs 120 kilograms, stated his general practitioner after regular examination. The boy is already out of breath after taking the stairs or after ten minutes of slow sport. In an interview with his mum, who doesnt know how to change the situation, we learn about the life of heavily overweight child. „Jason always loved to eat – lot! says Caroline, Jasons mother. When he cried, she would comfort him by giving him some sweets – lollies or chocolate. It always helped to make him happy. Only later did she realise that this might not have been the right way to solace her child. When he was six years old, the boy already weighed 60 kilos which was certainly too much. However, she doesnt know how to make Jason happy in another way than to give him food. In the morning, he would not stop being noisy if he hasnt had his favourite meal: usually McDonalds or homemade pancakes. „It is very difficult for me. Even though know that am not doing the right thing, cant help myself in different way than to feed him. Only after he gets what he wants he would be satisfied and calm. After his breakfast, Jason never walks to school – he is driven there by his mother. Even though he only lives few blocks away from the school, he never wants to walk by foot to school. Caroline sometimes tries to persuade him to walk there but he always refuses to do so. For lunch, Jason always eats in the canteen. The chef of the canteen isnt aware of the health problem that many teenagers have and cooks meals that are unhealthy. He cooks what children usually like: French fries, hamburgers, burritos, pizza or prepared sandwiches with lot of mayonnaise. He hardly ever makes salad or provides fruit. If he does so, children dont eat these kind of food. Thats why he decided to stick to fast food. „What shall do? cook what children want to eat says canteen chef Mike, showing that he too doesnt know how to improve the situation. Unlike other children, Jason doesnt play lot of sport. Even though some of his schoolmates may also eat as badly as Jason does they at least balance the bad eating habit by doing lot of exercise. They are in the basketball or in the football team for example. Jason, on the other side, only plays playstation in the afternoon. He sometimes plays for more than three or four hours day. During that time, he often eats chips and drinks CocaCola. regular Coke contains 35 pieces of sugar. No wonder he is growing bigger and bigger. Caroline states: „When try to persuade him to enter football team Jason always refuses. think that he sometimes rejects this offer because he knows that he is quite big and that it would be long way to get as good as the other team members. In the evening, Jason continues to eat big portions. „He seems to be hungry all the time., says his mother. When she serves vegetables or fruit he would leave this food on the plate, untouched. He hardly ever eats anything healthy. Caroline has now sought help by contacting her general practitioner. She hopes to get advice from the doctor and to improve the situation. Fill in the worksheet day in Jasons life What risks does overweight include? Look at the picture on the next page. eyes blindness kidney kidney diseases hip, knee, ankle arthritis and joint problems heart high blood pressure brain depression, dementis lungs asthma Diseases caused by overweight Overweight causes lot of diseases. Try to find out what the words on the picture above mean. Use dictionary! . , , & ,. Vocabulary list for „Boy, 12 year old, eats himself to death general practitioner Hausarzt examination to be out of breath aus der Puste sein stairs Treppen overweight übergewichtig comfort trösten solace beruhigen, trösten satisfy befriedigen block Hausblock to refuse verweigern canteen Kantine, Mensa to stick to sth. bei etw. bleiben improve verbessern habit Gewohnheit exercise Sport machen, üben persuade überzeugen reject ablehnen untouched unberührt to get advice Rat bekommen Untersuchung day in Jasons life Meals Drinks stBreakfa Time Activities of Jason/Mother Mother drives Jason to school. Jason never . because Jason usually eats in the canteen. He eats. Plays games on the Mother provides fruit and Questions for class discussion 1 • What are the reasons for Jasons overweight? • How could Jason change his lifestyle to lose weight? 1 OHP for teacher to lead discussion in class • Why could this be difficult? • What could his mother do to help Jason? • What advice do you think the doctor will give Jasons mother?