Arbeitsblatt: Vocabulary NSE1 Unit 16


Vocabulary Unit 16 Nr 2a und 3
7. Schuljahr
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Vocabulary Unit 16 – 2a, 3 Exercise Fill in each gap with the missing word. road sign go camping ground necessary overtake turn left take spend straight on sleeping bag trip hotel guide dont have to things map passport 1) Lets make to Italy. 2) When you pass the customs (Zoll) to Germany you need. 3) Peter: This car in front of me drives so slowly! Marc: Lets it. 4) Maria: dont know the way to the hotel Susan: Lets have look at the . 5) Paul: Sorry, could you explain me the way to the museum? Laura: Of course. Its easy. Just go and after 200 meters you will see it right in front of you. 6) Mother to her baby: Dont sit on the. Its dirty! 7) To pass the driving exam you have to know the. 8) The opposite of turn right is. 9) Barbara: How much money did you for this nice shoes? Marc: Just 50$. They were very cheap. 10)Nicole: What are you doing this weekend? Oliver: think will to Italy. 11)There are blankets (Decken) in the hotel rooms. You take your with you! 12)Lets see in the where the hotels are. 13) Teacher to the Students: Please dont forget to sheet before you leave. 14)When you drive car it is to wear seatbelt. 15) His bedroom is so messy. He cant find the he needs.