Arbeitsblatt: Test Unit 11


Schlusstest für die Unit 11 des Lehrmittels Headway Elementary
8. Schuljahr
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Vreny Alfano
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Headway Elementary Final Test Unit 11 Name: signature: mark: a) Fill in the correct form of the verb! (present simple and present continuous) 1. Normally Grace never_ skirt. (to wear) 2. Sam is faster than Ted, but now Ted faster. (to run) 3. Shirley more beautiful every time see her. (to look) 4. They this afternoon. (to swim) 5. Look! Our dog at the girls. (to bark bellen) 6. Peter some chocolate chips. (to eat) 7. We never to school on Sundays. (to go) 8. Today Barbara blue dress. (to wear) 9. The car over there in front of the church. (to stop) 10. Grace and Kelly usually the same clothes on. (to have) 11. At 8 oclock, we to school. to go) 12. James always his computer to write letter. (to use) 13. Shirley for her friends. (to look) 14. often chocolate. (to eat) 15. this film. (to enjoy) b) Rewrite the sentence with the possessive pronoun Example: It my shirt. It mine. 1. It his bike. 2. It your car. 3. These are her blouses._ 4. This is their skirt._ 5. It our house._ 6. This is our garden. 7. Theyre my friends. 8. You cant find your keys. c) Answer the questions! Example: Whose bike is it? (he) It his 1. Whose jeans are they? (we) 2. Whose presents are these? (they) 3. Whose wife is it? you) 4. Whose skirt is this? (she) 5. Whose trousers are these? (we) 6. Whose stamps are these? (I) 7. Whose car is this? (he) d) Translate into German /English Es tut mir Leid. tot Jubiläum, Jahrestag bemerken schlank anprobieren Schnurrbart Fehler Ohrring Unordnung Umkleidekabine Gesicht suit handsome size tall trainers to sign fair Herz e) Describe people Describe these three people. a) Describe their hair, eyes and heights. b) Are they goodlooking? c) What are they doing? d) What are they wearing? Flora Toni Angela f) In clothes shop Look at the pictures and write possible conversation in this clothes shop. C: customer SA: shop assistant SA:_ C: SA:_ C: SA C: SA_ SA