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Zusammenfassung der Geschichte des Lehrmittels New Hotline vom roten Buch -
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Toffol Brigitte
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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English: Unit 13_reading Victoria Road story: Summary Terry moved in next door to Vince and Sue. Sue introduced herself, Vince, Kamala and Casey. Later Sue overheard Terry talking to his mother. He said that Sue was bossy. Sue decided to get her revenge. Sue had arranged blind date for Terry with girl called Jane Fox, but Jane has got big boyfriend, called Darren Tooley. Kamala wondered what Sue was up to. Terry was annoyed with Sue. In the next episode Terry went into café when Sue was there. Sue wanted Terry to sit with her, but he didnt want to. She got hold of his tray. Terry pulled it away and his drink spilt over Darren Tooley. Terry ran out of the café. Darren Tooley was angry with Terry, because of what happened at the dance and at the café. He and his friends came looking for Terry. They met Casey and found out where Terry lives and when he comes home from school. They found out that Terry comes home alone on Wednesdays, because he plays table tennis after school. They told Casey not to tell Terry, because they wanted to give him surprise. It was Wednesday. Sue and Kamala were at school. Some friends asked if they wanted to go to the cinema after school. Sue decided to go, but Kamala couldnt, because she helps in her parents shop after school. After school Sue asked Kamala to take her coat and bags home for her, because she didnt want to take them to the cinema. Then Sue left with her friends. The bags were heavy and while Kamala was picking them up, the bus arrived. Kamala tried to run for the bus, but she missed it. She caught later bus. Terry was on the bus too, because he played table tennis after school. When they arrived at Victoria Road, Terry saw Darren Tooley and his friends. They were waiting for Terry. Terry offered to take Sue coat and bags home for Kamala. Then Kamala went home. Terry put Sue coat on and walked past Tooley and his friends, hoping they would not recognize him, but the wind blew the hood of the coat down. Tooley saw Terry. He and his friends chased Terry. Later Vince and Casey were in the park. They found Sue books on the grass and her coat in the lake. But Sue wasnt there. Vince telephoned the hospital, but she wasnt there too. When Vince mother came home, she telephoned the police. Some time after policewoman came to Kamala shop. She asked Kamala some questions. Suddenly, Sue arrived. Kamala told the policewoman about Terry and the English: Unit 13_reading coat. Sue was very sorry. Then Terry appeared at the window. But, when he saw his friends, he ran away. They chased him. Sue said that she was sorry. Terry didnt want to see his friends. Afterwards Terry and his friends went to the cinema. Terry told his friends about his fight with Darren Tooley and his friends. They met Darren Tooley and his friends at the cinema. They were very friendly to Terry. Vince and the others wondered why.