Arbeitsblatt: Australian Legend


Kurzer Lesetext über Australien. Nach 1 Jahr Englisch als Zwischenarbeit geeignet.
Lesen / Literatur
7. Schuljahr
1 Seiten




Toffol Brigitte
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Some Australian the aboriginal legend of the coloured sands The coloured sands on Fraser Island Way back in the dreamtime there lived by the beach beautiful Black Maiden named Murrawar, who fell in love with the Rainbow who came to visit her every evening in the sky. She would clap her hands and sing to this lovely Rainbow. One day Burwila, very bad man from distant tribe, stole Murrawar for his slave wife. Often beating her cruelly and making her to to all his work while he sat in the shade admiring his terrible killing boomerang. This boomerang was bigger than the biggest tree and full of evil spirits. One day Murrawar ran away and as she hurried along near the beach, which was then all flat, she looked back and saw Burwillas boomerang coming to kill her. Calling out for help she fell to the ground too frightened to run. Suddenly she heard loud noise in the sky and saw her faithful Rainbow racing towards her across the sea. Burwilla attacked the brave Rainbow and they met with roar like thunder. The boomerang died instantly and the Rainbow shattered into many pieces, which fell to the beach forming the coloured sand cliffs which are still there to this day.