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English/ Non Stop English 2/ Structure Drills Simple Past 1 Fill in the Simple Past 1. (live) with my mother. 2. You (listen) to the radio. 3. He (play) guitar in the band. 4. She (love) to listen to Rock nRoll. 5. It (rain) very hard yesterday. 6. We (move) to St. Louis. 7. You (start) to learn English year ago. 8. They (want) to see you very much. 9. (copy) her dance style. 10. He (carry) revolver. 11. She (stop) her tour in London. 12. They (travel) to London yesterday. 13. Rhythm and Blues (develop) into Rock nRoll. 14. You (work) ten hours yesterday. 15. (fish) last week. 16. She (organise) the party. 17. They (stay) at this place. 18. He (climb) rock. 19. The plane (land) two hours too late. 20. We (invent) our own game. 21. (like, negative) this record. 22. You (see, negative) me. English/ Non Stop English 2/ Structure Drills 23. She (find, negative) my book. 24. He (do, negative) his homework. 25. It (make, negative) her happy. 26. We (play, negative) football. 27. What (say, I) to you? 28. When (see, he) the book? 29. How (find, they) us? 30. Where (go, we) for drink?