Arbeitsblatt: Leseverständnis: the bear who married a woman


Textverständnis zu einer Inuit-Story mit Fragen und offenem Ende
Anderes Thema
8. Schuljahr
2 Seiten




Seraina Infanger
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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EN 340 DESIGN AN ACTIVITY Dozent Rudolf Bader 04.07.06 Seraina Infanger The Bear Who Married Woman (An Inuit fairy tale) Once upon time there lived widow of the tribe of the Gispaxlâts. Many men tried to marry her daughter, but she refused them all. The mother said, When man comes to marry you, touch the palms of his hands. If they are soft, send him away. If they are rough, accept him. She wanted to have for soninlaw man who was skillful in building canoes. Her daughter obeyed her commands and refused all young men. One night youth came to her bed. The palms of his hands were very rough, and therefore she accepted him. Early in the morning, however, he had suddenly disappeared, even before she had seen him. When her mother got up early in the morning and went out, she found halibut on the beach in front of the house, although it was midwinter. The following evening the young man came back, but disappeared again before the dawn of the day. In the morning the widow found seal in front of the house. Thus they lived for some time. The young woman never saw the face of her husband; but every morning she found an animal on the beach, every day larger one. Thus the widow became very rich. She was curious to see her soninlaw, and one day she waited until he arrived. Suddenly she saw red bear coming out of from the water. He carried whale on each side, and put them down on the beach. As soon as he noticed that he was observed, . Words: DESIGN AN ACTIVITY EN 340 04.07.06 Dozent Rudolf Bader Seraina Infanger tribe Stamm skillful geschickt the palm of the hand Handflächen halibut Heilbutt (Fischart) PreReading task: What do you know about inuits? • Brainstorming/ Mind Mapping each student, collect in class Describing picture of inuits/ inuits life Read the text aloud AfterReading tasks 1. Find the opposite (Link the items): curious 2. to marry to have baby to divorce to fall in love widow nurse wife mother Explain these words from the text in full sentences: a. b. c. 3. nervous interested ignorant the dawn of the day seal to refuse Right or wrong? Tick the incorrect statements and correct them! (Write new correct sentence.) The mother wanted her daughter to marry rich man with soft hands. The daughters husband left the house every morning before the sun got up. On the first morning, the mother found big fish on the beach. DESIGN AN ACTIVITY EN 340 Dozent Rudolf Bader 04.07.06 Seraina Infanger The young woman fell in love with her husbands beautiful face. The girl was too curious and waited for her husband on the beach. 4. Now find fitting (passend) end for the story; dont write more than 120 words!