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The present continuous tense We build the present continuous tense as follows: am (not) ing he she it is (not) ing am working. Chris is writing letter. She isnt eating. (or Shes not eating.) The phone is ringing. we you are (not) ing they We are (Were) having dinner. Youre not listening to me. (or You arent listening to me.) The children are doing their homework. We use the past continuous tense when we are talking of something which is happening now. past future am working now Please be quiet. am working. ( am working now) Look at the Queen! She is wearing new hat. ( shes wearing it now) The weather is nice at the moment. Its not raining. Important to know! come coming write writing dance dancing run running sit sitting swim swimming lie lying Complete the sentences. Use one of these verbs: build, cook, go, have, stand, stay, swim, work 1. Please be quiet. am working. 2. Wheres John? He is in the kitchen. He 3. You on my foot. Oh, Im sorry. 4. Look! Somebody in the river. 5. Were here on holiday. We at the Hilton Hotel. 6. Where is Ann? She shower 7. They new theatre in the city centre at the moment. 8. now. Goodbye. Whats happening at the moment? Write true sentences. 1. (I wash my hair) Im not washing my hair. 2. (it snow) 3. (I sit on chair) 4. (The teacher write) 5. (I do exercises) 6. (My neighbour listen to music) 7. (The sun shine) 8. (The time Present continuous questions question BILD run) am doing? is he she it staying? are we you they working? eating? cooking? Are you feeling OK? Yes, Im fine, thank you. Is it raining? Yes, take an umbrella. Whats Paul doing? Hes reading the newspaper. Write questions from these words (in present continuous tense). 1. (work Lenny today) Is Lenny working today? 2. (what do the children) 3. (you listen to me) 4. (where go your friends) 5. (your parents TV watch) 6. (cook what Anna) 7. (Philip away run) 8. (dark get it)