Arbeitsblatt: Test Unit 11


Non Stop English 1
7. Schuljahr
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Test Unit 11 I. Complete these sentences 1. you in England? No, Where you London. 2. Pat Fish?. What she pizza. in No, she She 3. the students school at 8 . No, they What time they They at 9. II. Write these words in the correct order 1. the you friend every disco your Saturday and to go evening . 2. eight start at school we oclock 3. play they tennis do sometimes ? 4. drive father fast doesnt his car 5. a to do restaurant once eat like you in week ? 6. in near house big live bank the III. Write short sentences Go (he) to the party Learn (we) English Watch (they) film Ask (you) me question See (I) my friends Positive sentences Negative sentences Questions Tell (she) story Read (you) the newspaper Live (it) in cage IV. Write questions 1. The Italian pullover is expensive. ? 2. The black shoes are 70 £. ? 3. Mrs Jones works at Boutique ABC. ? 4. Anna learns English in the afternoons. ? 5. Mr Hamiltons house is in the centre of New York. ? 6. Tony gets up at 7.30. ? 7. Jane has got three brothers. ? 8. Mrs Jones is happy, because she likes her job. ? 9. Tom plays football and tennis. ? 10. Im fine, thanks. ? V. Write these numbers in words 44 28 33 61 97 86 100 52 VI. Write short letter to Claire Claire Smith Sea View Victoria Road StuntonUponSea England ST7 34J