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test unit 3 nonstop english 1
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Test E; unit 3 1. 2. 3.8.2009 name: Short answers Answer the following questions with short anwers ( yes - no) a) Can George type? () b) Can Albert cook spaghettis? (-) c) Can Susan drive car () d) Can Gaby speak Italian? (-) e) Is he fro Italy? (-) f) Are you at school? () Mixed words Write the following sentences in the correct order a) he type My friend write shorthand can but cant 10 8 b) can Samantha but speak German she speak French cant c) Werner swim cant but can sing he d) ski Susi but cant she ride snowboard can 3. Write sentences about two things you can do and two things you cant 8 4. Complete these sentences! Why cant Albert drive car? he blind. Pete Sampras is good tennis player, so he can play tennis very but George isnt player, he can play, but 4 5. Read the text and answer the questions. school is looking for new teacher. The headmaster (headmaster Schulleiter, Direktor), Mr. Fischer must make an interview with young teacher: Headmaster: Teacher: Headmaster: Teacher: Headmaster: Teacher: Headmaster: Teacher: Headmaster: Teacher: Headmaster: Good morning, Mr. Henning. Good morning, Sir. have to ask you some questions for this job. Yes, please ask me. Can you speak French? No, cant. But can speak English very well and can speak little bit of Italian. Can you type or write shorthand? Yes, can type. But cant write shorthand very well. see. Could you start next month? No, cant. can only start in three months. Oh, Im sorry, but we must have somebody next month. Questions (underline the correct answer) Mr. Henning is the Headmaster of the school. right wrong The teacher cant speak French. right wrong The teacher cant speak English. right wrong The teacher can speak Italian. right wrong The teacher can write shorthand very well. right wrong The teacher can only start in two months. right wrong Mr. Henning wants this teacher for the job. right wrong