Arbeitsblatt: Song 'Time' Mary J. Blige


Song with gaps to fill in and a solution sheet
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English, songs Mary J. Blige Time (2000) Chorus: If had my life would be just But the is too much and it makes me Sometimes like leaving but must be Because is not on our Because is not on our Verse 1: The is coming Stop your Im telling you this is the You can talk about what you read about Everything is on the People nowadays so shady (zwielichtig dubios) Now what is wrong with them? Something cast spell upon their And they always wanna condemn (verachten verurteilen) Chorus Verse 2: While youre judging me you should look around And youll see our people going Some of them were over dime Now tell me, do we really have To continue with this madness? Cause Im and tired of this Trying to cross my world with And Im about to catch fit Chorus Youre deceiving (hintergehen) What the meaning of your retrieving (zurückgewinnen) The grieving? (betrübt) We all are leaving someday but We dont know how we all are Please believe me when tell you That time is not really on our side Repeat along with the following How can you hurt the? They mean so much to us Theyll soon be And they will lead us to righteous (gerecht) path But you must Time is not, time is not on our side Time is not on our side