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Conditionals Summary of forms: Type 0: Conditions which are always true. If When e.g. present form present form imperative When you put salt on ice, it melts. If you see her, give her my love. Type 1: Conditions which are probable (wahrscheinlich) in the present or the future If e.g. present form future form imperative If leave now, Ill miss the rush hour. If you practice the violin, avoid the noise. Type 2: Conditions which are improbable (unwahrscheinlich)or impossible in the present or the future If e.g. past simple continuous would could might infinitive If you met the president, what would you say to him? If they lived bit nearer, we might see them more often. If were you, would/ ‘d go there. Type 3: Conditions which are unreal and in the past If e.g. past perfect continuous would should /could /have past participle If you had worked harder, you would have passed the exam. If the telephone wouldnt woken me, would /d have been late for my appointment. She could have gone to the university, if she had /‘d wanted to.