Arbeitsblatt: Filmszenentranskript (Finding Nemo)


Transkript einer Szene aus dem Animationsfilm "Finding Nemo". Lückentext. Hörverstehen
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Josua Ghenzi
Land: Schweiz
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Szene aus „Findet Nemo (Disney/Pixar 2003) Dory: Careful of that hammer. Marlin: Dory! D: Sea-monkey has my money. M: Wake up! Get up! Come on! Get up! Come on! D: Yes, Im natural blue. M: Get up! --D: Wow! Dusty. M: The mask! Wheres the mask? Nono! No, the mask! Get the mask! Get the mask! Get it! D: [It] just keeps going on, doesnt it? Echo! Echo! Hey, what are you doing? M: Its gone. Ive lost the mask. D: Did you drop it? M: You dropped it! That was my only chance of finding my son. Now its gone. D: Hey, Mr Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down, [do] you know what you got to do? M: dont want to know what you got to do. D: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimmingswimmingswimming. What do we do? We swimswim. M: Dory, no singing! D: I love to swim(M: Dory!)and when you want to swim, you want M: See, Im going to get stuck now with that song. Now its in my head. D: Sorry. Dialogfreie Zwischensequenz M: Dory, do you see? D: Whaa!!! s got me. M: That was me. Im . D: Whos that? M: Who is that? Who could it be?! Its me. D: Areare you my conscience? M: Yeahyeahyeah. Im your . We havent for while. How are you? D: [I] cant complain. M: Good. Now Dory, want you to , do you see anything? D: see aI see . M: ? D: Yeah, over there. Hey conscience, am ? M: I see it, too. is it? D: Its so . M: Im happy. Which is big deal for me. D: want to it. D&M: Oh! M: Hey, come . Come on here. D: Im going to get you. M: want to get you. D: Im going to get you M: Im going to swim with you. D: Im going to get you. M: Im going to be your best . [The] good feelings gone. --M: cant see. dont know where Im going. The mask! D: What mask? Okay, cant see anything. Hey, look mask! M: Read it! D: Im sorry, but if you could just bring it little closer. kind of need the light. M: Oh gee! D: Thats great. Keep it right there! M: Just read it! D: Okay, okay. Mr Bossy. P. Okay, PSher, P. Sher P. ShirleyP. not Shirley The first lines P. Sherman. M: P. Sherman doesnt make any sense! D: Okay. Second line:42(M: Dont eat me) Light, please! WallaWallaby The second lines: 42 Wallaby Way. M: Thats great. Just finish up here. Speed read! Take guess! No pressure, no problem Theres lot of pressure! Pressure! Take guess now with pressure! D: Sydney. Sydney. Its Sydney! M: Duck!!! --M: Im . Im Im Im Im .I diedIm . We did it. We did it. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. No here tonight M&D: eating here tonight. D: No, no, no here. (M: Dory!) Youre on diet M: Hey Dory! What did it ? What did the mask ? D: P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I what it said. usually things, but it that time: P. Sherman, 4 M: Wait! Now, is that? D: dont know. But who ?! Haha! remembered! Transkript einer Szene aus Findet Nemo