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New Zealand
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Iris Claude

Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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A Dream About New Zealand Last night had dream dont usually remember my dreams but remember this one. think lot of things in my dream were wrong. But what are things in New Zealand really like? Can you help? Heres my dream: Im sitting on the back of Kiwi. We are flying over two big islands and lot of small ones. It looks like volcanic wonderland. There are lot of craters and some springs are boiling. Where are we going, wonder? The bird says: Welcome to New Zealand. In five minutes we are landing in Dunedin, the capital. Its name is combination of the two Scottish cities Dundee and Edinburgh. Now we are flying over beach. lot of people are lying in the sun. On the beach there are also some dogs. They are wearing straw hats and sunglasses. Some also have green cream on their noses.Dogs very often wear hats and sunglasses because of the sun, the bird says. The green cream protects their noses. The ozone layer is very thin here, you see. Now the Kiwi is landing on the beach. man is coming towards us. He is holding fish in his hands. This is Hohepa or Joseph in English. Hes Maori, says the Kiwi. Whats happening? Hohepa is rubbing noses with me. Thats normal, says the Kiwi, Maoris usually rub noses when they say hello. Its called hongi. And they dive into the water and catch fish just with their hands. Isnt that clever? You know, some Maoris speak two languages. One is English, the other one is their old language, quite an interesting one. In Maori New Zealand is called Aotearoa: Land of the Big White Cloud. And there is Maori place name with 84 letters. Thats very long one, isnt it? Hohepa has got motopaika. Thats the Maori word for motorbike. Im sitting on the back seat, Hohepa is driving it – on the left. Dont worry, in New Zealand we drive on the left, says the Kiwi. He is still flying over our heads. As we are travelling along we see thousands of sheep. There were about 12 sheep per person in 2000, says the bird. Oh, need some money. There is bank by the side of the road. The bank clerk looks very strange. think: he is wearing shirt and tie with – shorts and socks, white ones. He is very friendly: Here are your New Zealand pounds. Have nice time in New Zealand, eh. This is very typical, says the Kiwi, we often say ‘eh and bankers usually wear shorts in summer. Now Im flying on the back of the Kiwi again. There is skyscraper under us. Some people are jumping off. and they survive! This is called rap jumping. lot of tourists come here to walk down the walls, the bird says. Watch out! Two people are flying towards us! shout. No problem, they are just paragliding, the Kiwi laughs, dont you like tandem flights? Just then hear voice. Come down Sheila, youre late for school.