Arbeitsblatt: Test NSE2, up to U10


Test Wörter (auch plus units) und Grammatik
9. Schuljahr
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Brigitte Naas
Land: Schweiz
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points: class: mark: max: 77p Vocabulary (U8 8/ 9 9) grosses Interesse haben an atemberaubend schön Zeitverschwendung schädlich buchstabieren erkennen streiten aussehen wie stören gelockt kritzeln gewellt ungefähr, etwa (/ about!) quadratisch kauen Gewicht flüstern die Ausstellung gefährlich wahrscheinlich 20 Tenses Write these sentences in the different tenses: want to listen to this song. (p.s.) Does he paint picture? (pres. cont) cant go on holidays this year. (fut) must go to America! (fut) Do we write letter? (p.perf.) They cant speak Spanish. (p.s.) They read book. (pres. cont.) He can fly to the moon. (fut) She takes some soup. (p.perf.) must drink something. (p.s.) fut future (will or going to) p.s. past simple p.perf. present perfect pres. s. present simple pres.cont. present continous 10 Translate these sentences: Ich habe die Pizza noch nicht gegessen. Ich stehe immer um 6 Uhr auf. Nächstes Jahr werde ich nach Paris reisen. Letztes Jahr schrieb ich zehn Briefe. Hast du jemals ein Bier getrunken? 10 Write the sentences that can go before these reactions: So did we. Neither will he. Neither does she. Neither did she. Congratulations! He might. 6 Fill in the verbs in the right tenses (first conditional): If he the lottery, he new car. He at home tomorrow if it . They to the zoo with the children if they. She English if she. He in restaurant if he to cook. If you friendly, you with your homework. 12 Put into reported speech (indirekte Rede): He says to her: Please dont go! She says to me: Help me! They say to us: Please listen! 3 Fill in the correct pronoun: He said to (they): Please, behave (you) better. She burned (she), but she didnt burn (he). think this bicycle is (I). They gave (we) warm welcome. It isnt my car, think its (they). The dog hurt while playing in the garden. 8 Positive Negative (Schreibe Sätze in – und umgekehrt) 1. (Itll rain) tomorrow. 2. (They havent had) their dinner yet. 3. (He likes) his new job. 4. She told him (not eat) it. 5. (They went) there yesterday. 6. (She doesnt want) to see him. 7. (Shes learning) French. 8. (He didnt drink) too much. 8