Arbeitsblatt: Class Vocabulary


Class Vocabulary. Every day vocabulary.
7. Schuljahr
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Class vocabulary Good morning, afternoon, evening, night, Hello everybody Hello Mr. Mrs. Ms. Mister Misses Miss. How are you Are you, o.k./ all right Is everything all right Whats wrong Are you in bad good mood Are you sad Are you happy Im o.k. all right fine. Take your books/exercise books Open your books/exercise books Close your books/exercise books Take your pen /pencil felt-tip pen! Read the first sentence! Start to read! Do you understand the meaning of this word Can you tell me the meaning of this sentence Could you tell me the meaning? dont understand the meaning. dont understand what it means. Please, explain the meaning to me! What the meaning of.? What the explanation for.? Please come here and help me! Im (terribly) lost. need help, please help me! Would you help me, please Could you help me, please Could you give me new exercise book? Could you give me note book Could you give me two ink cartridges? Could you give me some ink? Open the window the door, please Come to the blackboard, please Come here, please Write your name Spell it Read, pronounce more clearly precisely Tell us about. 1 Translate into English German Summarize the text Give us short summary! Ask questions Ask more questions One more. It your turn. Next, please. Over to you. The next but one. One by one One after the other one. Lower the screen Clean the blackboard, please Put/switch the projector on Take the (blackboard) chalk Take the (blackboard) sponge Put/switch the light on Put/switch it off Take your file Take out your song sheets Were going to sing new song. Sing louder, please Stand up Sit down! Take your seat! Dont talk Silence, please Attention, please Dont disturb your neighbour Work silently Work on your own Think about it 2 3