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The Fugitive (Penguin Books). Chapters 1-11 Answers
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The Fugitive Chapters 1-4 1 The man is runnig away from the police 2 artificial damage departement drug fugitive liver operate trial tunnel künstlich zerstören Abteilung Medikament Flüchtender, flüchtig Leber operieren Gerichtsprotess Tunnel a)real natural artificial b) runaway a fugitive c) you can travel through tunnel d) trial takes place in court e) his liver was badly damaged f) Chemists know all about drugs g) the accident departure 3 a) Charlie Nichols b) Alex Lentz c) helen d) Copeland 4 a) Copeland b) The old guard on the bus c) Detective Samuel Gerard d) Kimble e) Gerard 5 6 7 8 9 The guard said that he gave the keys to him The younger guard saw him and remembers his face. Gerard falls down and it disappears into the water. Kimble picks it up. In the small tunnel. He jumps down the water fall into the river. Chapters 5-8 10 He wont die and immediatly starts to search for the man with the artificial arm. 11 Hes going to use the internet or looking for registration of men with artificial arms. 12 a) When the elevator stopped many people stepped in. b) He got broken limb in car accident. c) Elevator is American English whereas lift is British English. 13 a) He put hair colouring on his hair in the toilet of garage. b) He phoned Walter Gutherie from Chicago. c) He got some money and coat from Charlie Nichols near Ns house. d) In the cleaners room at the Cook County Hospital, he found green cleaners coat. 14 a) Rudy is cleaner at the departement for arificial limbs at the hospital. b) Dr. Eastman ist he young woman doctor at this departement. 15 He finds 21 names of men with only one arm living Chicago. 16 He finds 5 one-armed men who have broken their arm. 17 He went to prison to see Clive Driscoll. 18 Because he was small black man. 19 Sykes was the right man because photo showed him together with Lentz, the doctor at Devlin-Mc Gregor. Sykes was guard at this firm. 20 Because Kimble knew that the treatment RDU 90 damaged peoples livers. 21 Helen died instead of Kimble. Lentz wanted Kimble to die but Kimble went back to the hospital that night. The Fugitive Chapters 9-11 22 Hes probably going to get help from Charlie Nichols. 23 Gerard is going to step into Sykes flat. 24 The scene will probably take place on subway train. 25 a) Kimble thinks „Lentz was lying b) Kath Wahlund should still have the pieces of the damaged livers. c) Sykes knows that he has to kill Kimble 26 Mr Roosevelt gave Kimble all the papers about RDU-90. 27 They showed him photo of Sykes and Lentz. 28 Because some documents from October, November and December were signed with Lentz signature although he has died in August. 29 He knew that Nichols called Sykes because he gave Nichols his car that was in the garage. Nichols brought the car back to the hotel at 8.30 whereas the phone call was at 7.30. 30 a) In big room at the top of the Chicago Hilton Hotel. b) On the fire stairs c) On the top floor. d) On the top of an elevator on the outside of the hotel. e) In the washing room of the fifth floor. 31 . 32 . 33 . 34 . 35 . 36 .