Arbeitsblatt: NSE2 Unit 6


Unit 1 - 6 Gesamt Prüfunglein
9. Schuljahr
3 Seiten




Andreas Manetsch
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Englisch Test Unit 1 6 Name: Klasse: A2 erreichte Punkte: Punktemaximum: 49 Klassen-: 23.05.2008 Note: -Note: Put the words in the correct order 3 live she in used Nottingham to she Bristol now in lives to already she Switzerland been has pronouns 3 Is Paul Claras brother? (a cousin) Is Suzy Mr and Mrs Gates daughter? (a neighbour) Are Jim and Tina Bettys parents? (neighbours) Is that man my and your new boss? (a colleague Berufskollege) Pronounsagain Its my book. It belongs to_. Its Its car. It belongs to us. Its Its pencil. It belongs to her. Its Its their orange. It belongs to. Its 8 Find the mistakes 14 How many children have they got? None. How many beer does he drink? Just little. How many English books has she got? Only few. How much plants has she got at home? lot. How much money has he got? Only few. have been to the school yesterday. Last christmas have cooked roast ( Braten). used to going to the cinema. Im looking forward to play tennis this afternoon. has been there many times. She has just took pencil to write letter. Do they looking forward to watching TV this evening. We didnt use to eat apples. Do you looking forward to watching the tennis match? Complete the sentences with verb from the list break buy see forget earn go 7 take Sean lot of money so far. some new shoes. Do you want to see them? Where is Liv? She out. Im looking for Peter. youhim? cant find my invitation. Somebody it. Carmen her leg two years ago. know that woman but her name. use the following signalwords and write sentence 5 yesterday: just: in 2006: yet: month ago: since or for 3 have been in Australia two weeks. How long have you lived in Zurich? 2003. They have been in school 8 oclock. listening 6