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Fact Sheet: Lückentext zu London (mit den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten)
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STOP 1 WORKSHEET LONDON FACT SHEET Reading comprehension: 1. Read trough the information text. 2. Try to fill in the gaps using the following words: 3. Compare your results with the solution. Harrods, Wren, museum, red buses, Romans, cabs, home, Commons, Nelsons, Fire, Underground, Changing, Speakers Corner, Big Ben, Londinium, prison, opened, Lords In the beginning The name London comes from the. The Romans came to England and built houses and other buildings and made town next to the River Thames. They called the town. In 1066, William the Conqueror came to England from France to be king. He began to build the Tower of London. In 1665, 100,000 people died from an illness called the plague and year later, in 1666, there was The of London. More than 250,000 Londoners lost their homes in the fire. It also destroyed St Pauls Cathedral. new St Pauls Cathedral was built by Sir Christopher Wren. Today more than 6 million people live in London. Visiting the city quick and easy way to get to different places is to use the (tube). However, you can see much more of London from one of its famous . Londons taxis are called black . Buckingham Palace The Queen has her London at Buckingham Palace. The of the Guard at half past eleven most mornings is tourist attraction. It takes about thirty minutes. The Tower of London The Tower was fortress, royal palace and, where lots of people were killed. Nowadays it is where you can watch the Crown Jewels. Tower Bridge It is one of the most famous bridges in the city and it can be to let big ships pass through. St Pauls Cathedral It was built by Sir Christopher after the Fire of London. St. Pauls is Londons largest church and the second largest church in the world. The Houses of Parliament This is the home of the British government and has got two Houses: the House of and the House of. In the tower there is clock with famous bell called. Hyde Park STOP 1 WORKSHEET Hyde Park is the most famous park and it is so big that it takes nearly three hours to cross it. Jogging, riding, boating, having picnic – you can do all these things in Hyde Park. You can also listen to the speakers at near Marble Arch. Trafalgar Square It is large square in the centre of London. In the middle of the square is column. Shopping The most famous and expensive shop in London is, in Knightsbridge. Oxford Street has many shops and there are always lots of people looking at the shops here. Covent Garden was once famous food market, but now it has lots of small shops and cafes.