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Useful Expressions for Essay Writing Introducing the topic • • Stating the opening proposition • It is often claimed said asserted stated that. • Today we are often confronted with the problem of. • We often read in the newspapers that. • made the assertion that. Calling the proposition into question: • One must ask oneself whether why how. • This assertion raises fundamental question issue: . • We must examine the truth of this assertion. Developing the Argument • • • • • • • Enumerating the elements: • Firstly. secondly. thirdly • On the one hand. and on the other. Adding another point: • Furthermore, . • In addition to this, . • It must also be said that. • We must also consider. Introducing an example: • For example. • Take for example. • To illustrate this, . • .illustrates this point perfectly. Introducing quotation: • As said wrote, . • In the words of. • To quote X, . Introducing hypothesis: • It is quite possible that. • .leads one to believe that. • .may well be have. Expressing certainty: • All the indications are that. • It is certainly true that. • It is clear certain that. • It is very clear that. • The truth is that. • . as everyone knows. Expressing uncertainty: • It is difficult to believe that. • It is uncertain whether. • This may be true, but. • • . seems likely unlikely porbable possible. Emphasizing point: • It is important vital essential to relaize that. • We must remember that • . is an important vital essential point. Considering counter-arguments • • • Signalling change of viewpoint: • However, there are other issues to consider. • However, this is just one side of the matter. • However, we must not forget that. • In X view, however, . • Let us now consider. • Let us now turn to. • On the other hand, . • Turning to. Conceding point: • It must be admitted conceded that. • There is no denying that. Denying point: • It would be ridiculous to maintain that. • On the contrary, . • One cannot accept that. • This completely contradicts disproves. Ending the essay • • • Summarizing the arguments: • Let us remind ourselves of the main arguments: . • To summarize: . • We have seen established that. Drawing conclusions: • All in all. • All of these facts lead me to the conclusion that. • From this must conclude that. • Having considered all these issues. • Having outlined the main arguments. • Having taken all these factors into account. • What conclusions can be drawn from this analysis? Stating one own point of view: • am convinced that. • personally believe that. • In my opinion. • It seems to me that. • My own point of view is that.