Arbeitsblatt: NSE I unit 15-18


Vokabeln und Grammatik aus NSEI aus den Units 15-18, Anforderungsstufe A
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group page 1/4 English-Test name: I) vocabulary (unit 15-18) (_/20) 1) ticket office 2) ? Kann ich Ihnen behilflich sein? 3) platform 4) Fahrpreis 5) journey 6) bezahlen 7) reserve 8) Sitzplatz 9) pack 10) Abteil 11) opposite 12) Schulfach 13) adult 14) reisen 15) hes interested in . . 16) riesig 17) visit 18) gerade jetzt 19) queen 20) die meisten Leute group page 2/4 II) Put the verb in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present Continuous (_/40) example: He never (drink) drinks alcohol. 1. What that noise? Somebody (practise) the piano. 2. We (go) to the cinema this Friday. 3. They (go) on holiday every winter. 4. The days (be) longer in summer. 5. She often (talk) to herself. 6. She (have) shower at the moment. 7. Right now she (run) down hill. 8. Oak trees (grow) very slowly. 9. My dog (not eat) vegetables. 10. My brother (not like) animals. 11. Most people (not like) to visit doctor. 12. In his job he usually (stand) . 13. Im looking at that woman, she (wear) nice dress. 14. never (go) out in the evenings. 15. He usually (work) with paints and brushes. 16. Do you know anyone who (speak) Italian? 17. At work he usually (sit) all day. 18. Where is Kate? She (watch) TV in the living room. 19. (you go) to the party next Saturday? 20. (you work) at the weekend? group page 3/4 III) must, mustn‘t, don‘t have to (_/20) Luana and Sandra want to go camping in Austria. They don‘t want to take too many things, but there are some things they must take. Which of these things do you think they must take on their trip? Write sentences about pictures 3 to 12 ( 10 sentences) with must, mustn‘t or don‘t have to! example: 1) They must take their sleeping bags. 2) They don‘t have to take campbeds. group page 4/4 IV) Present Simple or Present Continuous (_/26) Write sentences about the following students! WHO WHAT WHEN Dardan Linus Nino Luca Lucrezia Besnik Giuseppe Pablo Valentina Max Andrin Nadia Andreas play tennis work in the garden read his German book learn English eat in restaurants eat at home work in disco cook the dinner write test talk to his friends make coffee listen to music read the newspaper sometimes now. today. at the moment. sometimes today. never usually at the moment. three times week. always sometimes every Saturday. good luck! (_/106) mark: