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Übungen zum Gebrauch des Passiv
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The Passive Give the passive form in all the tenses you know Ex. The boy eats an apple. Present The apple Past Perfect Past Perfect Future Past Future Conditional Conditional II is eaten was eaten has been eaten had been eaten will be eaten will have been eaten would be eaten would have been eaten 1. The boy reads book. 2. The driver hits cyclist. 3. My aunt shuts the door. 4. The burglars steal lot of money. 5. Our neighbours dig deep hole in the garden. make your own sentences. Change the following sentences from the Active into the Passive Voice. 1. The torpedo sank the ship. 2. My brother will meet you at the station. 3. You should have returned the book by tomorrow. 4. Somebody had told me that the hotel was an extremely good one. 5. The porter takes the luggage to the train and places it in the carriage. 6. They will have finished work soon. 7. We could have settled the problem if you had come earlier. 8. His parents were discussing his future when he walked into the room. 9. The company has offered him new job. 10. The tourists asked the boy some questions about the village. 11. We‘ll not give him present for his birthday. 12. Your uncle told us some funny stories last night. 13. He couldn‘t do all that work alone. 14. You need not answer these questions in detail. 15. The inhabitants of Gibraltar speak both English and Spanish. Headlines from local newspapers: Write them as full sentences in the Passive (past, present, future) 1. Eight children killed on Swiss roads every day. 2. Sfr 10,000.-- stolen from local post office last night. 3. New cinema opened by film star next week? 4. Town‘s oldest hotel destroyed by fire last night. 5. Thousands of spent on pets every week! 6. Nuclear plant built in Lerchenfeld next year? 7. 100 French visitors expected at castle museum today. 8. Dangerous chemicals found near sports ground yesterday!