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Repetitionen und Übungen nach Buch Nonstp English 1
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Stop and check Theres mistake in each sentence. Find it and correct it. a) My brother go to university. b) English is language international. c) arrive at Heathrow airport at ten oclock last night. d) She could (past of can) to speak three languages when she was ten. e) Where did you went last night f) saw the wife of Jeremy at the shops. g) dont can go out because have lot of work to do. h) In the kitchen is table. i) My children like theyre school very much. j) buyed new video. k) Italian people is very artistic. l) like cities because can to go to the theatre. m) How many children do you got n) How many money has he got o) Who is that new car p) Im go home now because it late. q) Were going have test next week. r) Im wear old clothes because Im going to clean the car. s) My sister is more old than me. t) think is going to rain. u) Your house is bigger than my. Vocabulary opposites Match word in with it opposite in B. wonderful win king abroad before clean late begin interesting difficult lose early queen horrible boring easy finish at home after dirty Put the words into the correct columns. There are five words for each column. cheese want map bring friendly favourite notebook easy interpreter newspaper things to read actor funny magazine toast dentist expensive orange arrive chicken night club palace journalist beach ham village dictionary leave engineer office listen professions things to eat places verbs adjectives Past simple Fill in the gaps with the past simple form of the verb in brackets. He was student in Florence, where he (study) painting, sculpture and design. He (begin) lot of paintings, but he (not finish) many of them. His picture of the Mona Lisa is the most famous portrait in the world. Leonardo (be) in many things. He (want) to know about everything he (see). He examined the human body. He (think) that the sun (not go) round the earth. He (write) music. He designd flying machine 400 years before the first one flew. Many people (not understand) his ideas. It difficult to think that one man (can) do so much. Some, any, an, Fill in the gaps. a) Did Charles Dickens have children b) bought newspaper and magazines. c) Jane lives in old house in France. d) There are trees in my garden, but there arent flowers. e) Do you have books by Dickens f) There are letters for you on the table. g) Would you like cup of tea h) You have lovely pictures on the wall. i) Is there water in the fridge j) Can have grapes, please k) Do you want sandwich l) There are eggs in the cupboard, but there isnt sugar. Present simple or present continous Put the verbs in the brackets in the Present simple or the present continous. a) Pierre (smoke) twenty cigarettes day, but he (not smoke) now because he in class. b) Alice and Peter (look) for new house. They (not like) living in London. c) always (wear) nice clothes for work. Today, (wear) blue jacket and skirt. d) Jane (work) in bank, but today she at home. She (write) letters. Questions and tenses Ask questions about the statements. Anna tired. Why :_ I dont go to work by car. How you This pen isnt mine. Whose I met famous actress. Who you We saw Bill yesterday. Where you Sue watching television. What Theyre going on holiday. Where Peter left the party early. Why She drank lot of wine. How much