Arbeitsblatt: Tabu


Tabu für das Lehrmittel Nonstop English 1
7. Schuljahr
16 Seiten




LP81 (Spitzname)
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

pantomime draw describe with words pantomime draw describe with words pantomime draw describe with words pantomime draw describe with words pantomime draw describe with words pantomime draw describe with words pantomime draw describe with words pantomime draw describe with words unit 1 the first day England Italy Germany France Spain Switzerland colour flag red white blue black green yellow unit 2 Welcome here tent entrance toilet boy Girl book thank you evening photo friend garden hotel school teacher car film breakfast lunch dinner fork glass cup spoon menu plate chair knife table apple egg orange unit 3 drive car ride bicycle use computer play football sing ski make coffee swim cook spaghetti sister goldfish fly baby cry blind hospital watch television read the newspaper smile at peole dance unit 4 secretary brother mother father wife husband daughter son room man woman child see unit 5 radio pop singer food film star tea wine beer hair pullover shoe trousers long short pen ruler calculator pencil rubber dictionary office house unit 6 cinema concert today letter kiss Europe swimming reading playing tennis listening to music unit 8 live go by bus finish job smoke boyfriend Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday unit 9 week write get up station arrive half past six quarter past nine quarter to seven minute always usually often never sometimes do homework unit 10 expensive cheap try on dress old new fast slow young tall short fat thin rich poor modern big small skirt drink unit 11 disco come musical instrument lunchtime street horrible mess unit 12 alone sit thanks orange juice waiter hot chocolate mineral water pot of tea milk bottle hamburger sandwich order pizzeria something bring birthday cake think say January February March April May June July August September October November December unit 13 place swimming pool tennis court weather cold crowded mini golf lift postcard window picture alarm clock balcony bed carpet cupboard curtain drawer lamp mirror plant telephone waste paper basket bedroom holiday stay pilot basketball quick right understand concentrate attractive carfully carelessly unit 15 happy unhappy money look for sell lottery rob bank police win lady dog ask for thousand love hate forget help dad buy invite gold ring midnight open page listen to unit 16 licence surname moped first name date of birth motorbike signature road sign overtake turn left turn right straight on go camping take sleeping bag sleep ground spend trip map passport campsite rule leave park make fire tomorrow unit 17 ticket office platform fare journey Goodbye pay reserve find out pack seat passenger talk knit silver gold adult travel free unit 18 huge headphones visit sun shine warm rain queen president banker bad snow cloudy windy foggy wear suit tie teach star unit 19 go out bike ride walk subject report art geography mathematics domestic science history biology physics chemistry end heavy high mountain river large town pass island continent kilometre unit 20 airport flat exciting millionaire quiet tourist important distance fill in kitchen gas electricity bathroom garage basement price living room dining room shopping centre piece of paper unit 22 party grandparents give present meet babysit twins neighbour person camera bottle of perfume box of chocolates need help excited ferry promise boat trip lake pizza stadium wash unit 23 hear nurse hard doctor country life remember bus driver difficult easy banana yesterday birthday card boring football match unit 24 final correct astronaut moon Second World War need invent electric light space shuttle land team prize photograph born mobile phone plastic shopping bag unit 25 painter move paint start suddenly stop artist change die lonely present past positive negative actor murder politician army unit 26 winter beginner enjoy snow beautiful sky save parents plane youth hostel hire try fall over ski instructor scarf suntan cream woollen hat sunglasses boot glove forget unit 27 department store exit lock door newsagents on foot get out parking space satisfied brand new clear