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English Simple Present Ergänze die fehlenden Sätze. positiv Im hungry You Youre Sam He negativ He isnt here She It Is she loud? Its okay We You They Frage Are we fine? You arent friendly. Are they happy? 1 English Simple Present Ergänze die fehlenden Sätze. Verwende have mit Hilfsverb do. positiv have dog. You You have bike. He negativ He doesnt have beard. Does she have sister? She It It has window. We You Frage Do we have car? You dont have time. They Do they have money? Vervollständige die restlichen Sätze. 2 English Simple Present positiv play. You You help. He negativ He doesnt answer. She It Does she sing? It rains. We You They Frage Do we dream? You dont read. Do they work? 3 English Simple Present Bilde aus den vorgegebenen Wörtern einen Satz im Simple Present. / to collect stamps we to play card games he to read comics Chris to sing in band we to have hamster Andy and John to like cola she to be nice they to help their parents the children to speak English / to buy newspaper every Saturday Bilde die Verneinung. 4 English Simple Present watch TV. We play football. It is boring. She cleans her room. You ride your bike every weekend. Sandy takes nice photos. They open the windows. He buys new CD. am late. She has cat. Bilde aus den vorgegebenen Satzteilen Fragen. 5 English Simple Present she to collect stickers they to play a game the cat to sleep in the cat bed she often to dream he to play streetball you to be from Paris the pupils to wear school uniforms you to go to the cinema she to have friends he to read books Schreibe den Satz in der Langform. 6 English Simple Present They dont eat pizza We dont go to bed early. It doesnt make sense. She doesnt love him. dont work here. Im on holiday. She isnt at home. Theyre not my friends. Theyve nice car. dont have time. Schreibe den Satz in der Kurzform. 7 English Simple Present do not speak French. We do not live in castle. He does not like music. She does not sing well. They do not drink water. am not hungry. She is not thirsty. They are friendly. We have cat. They do not car Setze die Verben in der richtigen Form ein. 8 English Simple Present 1. Paris (be) the capital of France. 2. Hamlet (be) play by Shakespeare. 3. Mount Everest (reach) height of 8848 metres. 4. Water (boil) at 100C. 5. Ice (melt) at 0C. 6. The river Thames (flow) past the Houses of Parliament. 7. The Olympic Games (take place) every four years. 8. waiter (work) in restaurant. 9. The earth (travel) around the sun in approximately 365 days. 10.My father (speak) English. Setze die Verben in der richtigen Form ein. 9 English Simple Present 1. (like) pizza. 2. He (hate) garlic. 3. My sister (prefer) tea to coffee. 4. (want) to get away from here. 5. She (not understand) me. 6. (not believe) it. 7. (not know) why you are so mean. 8. We (not think) that this is right. 9. What (mean it)? 10.(you hear) the music? Setze die Verben in der richtigen Form ein. 10 English Simple Present 1. Janine (get up) at seven oclock. 2. She (have) breakfast and then she (go) into the bathroom. 3. She (take) cold shower, (brush) her teeth and (comb) her hair. 4. After that she (put) on her clothes. 5. Then Janine (leave) the house and (lock) the door. 6. She (go) to the bus stop and (wait) for the bus. 7. When the bus (arrive), she (get on) the bus and (go) to work. Setze die Verben in der richtigen Form ein. 11 English Simple Present 1. The plane (arrive) in London at 11:45. 2. The lesson (start) in five minutes. 3. The film (begin) at 8 oclock. 4. My brother birthday (be) on Wednesday. 5. The train (leave) Manchester at 7:23. 6. The festival (end) on Sunday. 7. The next bus (come) in 35 minutes. 8. Which day (open the exhibition)? 9. What day (be) it tomorrow? 10.What time (close the zoo)? 12 English Simple Present 13