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Unit-Test 12 (Lehrmittel Hotline Starter). Fill-in, Writing, Comprehension und Translating-Questions.
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Date: 18.1.06 Name: English Test Unit 12 1. Prepositions (14P.) Complete with the correct prepositions a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. He went work yesterday but his brother stayed home. They went New York see Manhattan. She got the bus and next station she gotthe bus. He got back his trip last week. When am holiday, like going excursions. They live 20 miles west London. At nine oclock young girl arrived the storea blue car. Its time to go the house, because its cold outside. 2. Answer the questions (5P.) Example: When did he visit them? (last October) He visited them last October. a. When did she return? (some months later) b. When did they come? (after the show) c. When did you hear the noise? (last night) d. When did they go to London? (a month ago) d. When did he leave? (at nine oclock) 3. Writing (6P.) Imagine that you are famous film star or pop star or sports person. Write six sentences about what you did yesterday. 4. Complete(9P.) Date: 18.1.06 Name: Complete this newspaper story with the past tense of these verbs. happen find escape leave take catch be throw 12 year old boy, Tom Kiddell, from car crash yesterday. He with his parents. It on the Highway near Oxford. The crash Tom out of the car onto the road where the police him few minutes later. They him to Oxford hospital in an ambulance. Fortunately, he wasnt hurt and he the hospital two hours later. Toms parents are still in the hospital as they were hurt when the car fire. 5. Tom Sawyer(9P.) Read the text and answer the following questions. Make sentences. That night Tom went to bed at half past nine. He waited for Hucks meow, and at eleven oclock it came. He climbed quietly out of the bedroom window, and then he and Huck walked out of the village with the dead cat. The graveyard was on hill, about mile from St. Petersburg. When the boys got there, they put the dead cat on grave, and sat down behind some trees. They watched and waited. It was very dark, and very quiet. Do you see that new grave there? whispered Huck. Thats Hoss Williams grave. He died last week. Perhaps he can hear us, Tom whispered back. Do you think he can, Huck? dont know but I Sh! Oh Tom, what is it? Sh! whispered Tom. can see something. Look! Huck moved nearer to Tom. Ghost! he said. 1. Explain the following words, as exact as you can. meow: quietly: graveyard: Ghost: perhaps: 2. What did the boys do with the cat? 3. Where was the graveyard? 4. What did the boys see on the graveyard? 5. When did Tom go to bed? 6. Making questions (6P.) Date: 18.1.06 Name: You are reporter and you need some questions for an interview. Make some questions in the past simple tense. Example: Where/go How/ travel someone/ find Why/disappear see/ the news Where/stay What/ do Where did you go? ? ? ? ? ? ? 7. Words (10P.) Translate the following sentences as exact as you can. 1. Der Fernsehmoderator interviewte ihn. 2. Ich ändere meine Meinung. 3. Dann stürzte er ab. 4. Sah er den Dieb? 5. Gestern passierte ein Raubüberfall. 6. Ich schwamm in die Mitte des Sees. 7. Er brach sich keine Knochen. 8. Ich rannte zu den Bäumen. 9. Wir standen und lachten. 10. Das war erstaunlich. /59P.