Arbeitsblatt: English exam young world 4


Zum Thema how much und how many, Fragen, Essen (Wortschatz)
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Nadine Herzog

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English Signature: Note: Date: Name: 1.) Below there are 13 countable and 13 uncountable nouns. Write the nouns into the correct box. Write the countable nouns in the singular and plural form. bacon film pain pepper orange juice honey lemon woman blood bird rain snake table butter banana friend cat air pet traffic game money water fruit hair 2.) Label these products. 3.) In the following words there is one letter missing. Write the words correctly on the lines. a.) sasage: e.) appl:_ b.) frut: f.) bicuits:_ c.) cornflkes:_ g.) sugr:_ d.) mngo: h.) buttr:_ 4.) Write three fruits, vegetables and sweets on the lines. vegetables fruits sweets 5.) Write the correct questions to the following answers. Start the questions with How much or How many One example has been done for you. a) How many glasses of water do you drink day? drink five glasses of water day. b) There are 24 pupils in my class. c) have you got? Ive got lot of money. d) would like just little bit of milk in my coffee. e) has Sarah got? Sarah has got three pets. f) We have four lessons on Wednesday. g) dont put any pepper on my salad. h) My grandfather doesnt have any hair. i) has Bill got? Bill has got two brothers and three sisters. Good luck!!! Points: /