Arbeitsblatt: Kim's choice


Easy reader 1-3
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7. Schuljahr
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Ruth von Rotz
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Kims Choice ACTIVITIES WHILE READING THE BOOK Pages 1 – 3 1. Write the correct word in the sentences below: athletics choice club coach metres minutes stretch track (a) It is important to before you run. (b) is popular sport in the UK. (c) The children run round the ten times. (d) My husband is very tall – nearly two (e) There are sixty in one hour. (f My father is sports teacher and football (g) Manchester United is my favourite football (h) Kim has difficult to make. 2. Write questions for these answers:? (a) Twelve? (b) One hundred metres? (c) Saturday? (d) They stretch, run slowly, and run quickly again and again. RvR 1 Kims Choice Answers to Book Activities 1–2 Open answers 3 b d f wrong right right wrong wrong right 4 Kims father to Kim Kim to her father Kim to Curtis 5–6 Open answers Answers to the exercise sheets Pages 1 – 3 1 b d f h stretch Athletics track metres minutes coach club choice 2 b d How old is Kim? How far do the girls run? When does Kim go to the athletics club? What do the children do at the athletics club? RvR 2