Arbeitsblatt: Song "Deer In The Headlights"


Owl City
Anderes Thema
8. Schuljahr
2 Seiten




Thomas Inderbitzin
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

Owl City – Deer In The Headlights Met girl in the parking lot And all did was say hello Her made it rather hard For me to walk her home But that the way it goes [Chorus] Tell me was it love at first When walked by and you my eye you know love could shine this bright Well smile because youre the deer in the headlights Met girl with charm But when beauty met the beast, he Got the was not her type By the black eye and nose But guess that the way it goes [Chorus] It suffocating1 to say but the mystique takes my breath away So give me smile or give me sneer2 Cause Im trying to guess here [Chorus] If life was game you would never play nice If love was beam3 youd be blind in both eyes Put your on cause youre the deer in the headlights Youre the deer in the headlights 1 erstickend; abwürgend Hohnlächeln 3 Strahl 2