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Reading Casualty by Peter Viney
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Casualty by Peter Viney Comprehension Test name: date: points 56 mark: Vocabulary – Write the word in German! (16) casualty department outside . have rest to hurry stretcher tired . next of his kin . towards . plastic surgery pick up the phone . crazy . prisoner . you neednt worry . upstairs . head nurse . lie . Is it true or false? t/f (10) The casualty department was not busy on Saturday. Alex still sings in group now. Alex was really 23 years old. Dr. Kennedy didnt want to move Alex to another hospital. Gail got coffee for the two men. The man called Tucker was Alexs brother. Diane is school friend from the nurse school. Aley was driving the car when he crashed. Gail is worried about Alex. Alex has broken leg and his back is cut. Correct the false sentences from ex. . Write the whole sentence again. (6) . . . . . . . Put the sentences in the right order (9) Gail finished work at six oclock in that Saturday morning. Gail went shopping in Midhurst. few month later, Gail saw Alex on TV. Tucker was very unfriendly with Gail. Gail saw Alex in bed. The singer on TV wasnt really Alex Hayle. Diane told Gail about her job and special patient. Gail went to the fifth floor to have look at Alex. Then Gail could see the beautiful private hospital. Answer the following questions in English. (9) Where did Gail work at the hospital? . What was Tuckers job? . Why did Alex crash the car? . Why couldnt Alex sit up in the bed? . Why did lot of nurses want to see Alex? . Why didnt Catherine, Alex sister, know about Alex? . Where did Diane work? . Who phoned Gail at the end of the story? . Is Alex really crazy? Why do you think yes why not? . How could the story finish? Invent possible end. Your text must at least have 6 sentences. (6) (Erfinde ein mögliches Ende, mit mindestens 6 Sätzen) . . . . . . . . . .