Arbeitsblatt: English Test: have got - to be


Ein Test über die beiden Verben "have got" und "to be"
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E Test – have got, to be Name: 1. Fill in the correct form of „to be. Pronoun long form short form German pronoun 2. Put the questions in the correct order. / he British is the /new is /dog ? you from ? Belgium are / parents their are married German Verb 3. Put the negative sentences in the correct form. Susan Paris not is /. am I . English not / happy are they not 4. Fill in the correct form of „to be. live in an old house in Bern. The house very nice and the neighbours friendly too. Outside there is big place to play. We playing Football outside and very good at it. 5. Circle the correct form of „to be and cross out the wrong ones. a. Peter is are /am good chef. b. Ma grandparents is am are old. c. is/ are/ am Swiss. d. His cats is are is in the garden. e. Our House am are is very old. f. Peter and Mary is are am/ sitting in the kitchen. 6. Fill in the correct form of „have got. Pronoun long short long 7. Fill in „have got or „has got Susan friendly mother. Till and Rufus terrible brother. My sister pink chair. Peters grandparents boat. 8. Write the negative sentences on the lines below. Mia has got candle. short The Meiers have got car. Your school has got library. 9. What have they got? What has he got? Write the correct questions on the lines below. a. The children a nice cousin? b. Dave a brother? c. Betty and Sue a nice house? d. Kirsten a nice chair? 10. Have they got it? Fill in „hasn‘t got or „havent got. The Meiers ball. My neighbour cool bike. Peter and Mary sister. We nice weather. They car.