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Prüfung über alle Present Tenses
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English pionts: name: mark: signature: Present Tenses 1) Write the fitting tense next to the sentences. (present simple, present continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous) a) Theres been an accident. b) get up at 8 oclock every morning. c) Youre working hard today. d) What have you been doing? 2) Are the underlines verbs right or wrong? Correct the verbs that are wrong a) Look That man tries to open the door of your car. b) The moon goes round the earth. c) usually goes to work by car. d) must go now. It gets late. e) Im seeing the manager tomorrow morning. f) This sauce is great. Its tasting really good. 3) Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or present continuous. a) Water (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius. b) (get) hungry. Lets go and have something to eat. c) What (you/do) in your spare time? Have you got any hobbies? d) Whats that noise? What . (happen)? e) The water . (boil). Can you turn it off? f) Lets go out. It (not/rain) g) Hurry up! Everybody . (wait) for you. h) Can we stop walking? . (start) to feel tired. i) Normally (finish) work at 5.00, but this week . (work) until 6.00 to earn bit more money. j) Jim is very untidy. He . (always/leave) his things all over the place. k) What . (your father/do)? Hes an architect. l) She told me her name but (not/remember) it now. m) Dont put the dictionary away. . (use) it. n) Dont put the dictionary away. . (need) it. 4) Use the words given to make sentences. Use the present perfect. a) / buy a new car. b) my father start a new job c) / give up smoking d) Suzanne have a baby 5) Put in been or gone. a) Hello! Ive just to the shops. Ive bought lots of things. b) Tom has out. Hell be back in about an hour. c) Are you going to the bank? no, Ive already to the bank. 6) Complete Bs answers. Some sentences are positive and some negative. Use verb from this list. 7) Make questions from the words in brackets a) (ever ride horse?) b) (ever be California?) c) (ever speak famous person?) 8) Write question for each situation. a) friend of yours is now living in Baker Street. You want to know How long? b) friend of yours tells you about his job – he sells computers. How long? 9) What have these people been doing or what has been happening? 10) Put the verb into the present continuous or present perfect continuous. a) Hello, Tom. (look) for you all morning. Where have you been? b) Why (you/look) at me like that? Stop it! c) (think) about what you said an Ive decided to take your advice. d) Sarah is very tired. She (work) very hard recently. 11) Put the verb into the more suitable form, present perfect or present perfect continuous. a) Look! Somebody break) that window. b) You look tired. (you/work) hard? c) Sorry Im late. Thats all right. (not/wait) long. d) Is it still raining? No, it . (stop). e) (read) the book you lent me, so you can have it back now. 12) Read the situations and write questions from the words in brackets. a) You meet woman who tells you that she teaches English. You as her: (how long teach English?) b) Tim always wears the same Jacket. Its very old jacket. You ask him: (how long have that jacket?)