Arbeitsblatt: Unit 14 Snapshot Unit 14 and 15 - Spending power und shopping dialogues


Lückentext über den Text "Spending power" im Language Booster zur Vertiefung und Dialoge zum Einkaufen.
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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

Unit 15 – Skills development_ 1) Translate these words into German savings quite lot save up (saving up) pocket market earn on keep (keeping) get visit buy spend money on 2) Fill in the missing words. Use the words from above. Spending power British teenagers speak about their money James Moore, 13: get 3 pounds 50money week, from my Dad. Im trying to get job helping in the fruiton Saturday mornings. spend my money clothes, CDs and magazines. go out on Friday and Saturday nights to friends houses and to parties. Rosie Davies, 14: get 5 poundsweek pocket money. Ive also got some birthday money and some_ in bank. Imto buy CD player.some of my own clothes, but also spend on chocolate and the cinema. At weekends like going tofriends and going to parties. also likefit, so dont drink or smoke. Catherine Bethell, 16:10 pounds week pocket money from my parents, andanother15 pounds from babysitting. Im trying to save up for my summer holidays, but still magazines, clothes and going out. like going to discos, clubs, and the cinema. 3) Choose one of these dialogues about shopping. Learn it by hear. Then write your own dialogue.