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Inspiration 1 Unit 7 lesson 1
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Englisch Test: Im going to. Futur Name: Datum: /32 Punkte Note: Datum: Elternunterschrift: 1. What are you going to do today after school? Write four sentences. 4P a. b. c. d. . 2. What are these people saying? 3P 3. Complete the sentences. Use going to one of these verbs. 9P eat do give lie down stay walk wash watch wear 1. My hands are dirty. .them. 2. Whatto the party tonight? 3. dont want to go home by bus. . 4. John is going to London next week. He with some friends. 5. Im hungry. . this sandwich. 6. Its Sharons birthday next week. We her present. 7. Sue says shes feeling very tierd. She for an hour. 8. Theres good film in TV this evening. you .it? 9. What Rachel when she leaves school? 4. Look at the picutres. What is going to happen? 4P a. b. The shelf c. The car . d. He 5. Ask in futur and answer. 3P a. Amy and Kieran/cook supper ? ! b. Steve/do his homeworks ? ! c. Barbara and Sara/buy some presents ? ! 6. Answer to the „Whyquestions. 3P a. Why is Steve sitting at his computer? b. Why is Barbara in shoe shop? . c. Why are Dominic and Kieran going tot he sports center? . 7. Verb gerund „likes and dislikes Write sentences.3P a. I/like/dance b. We/like/watch TV c. He/love/painting and drawing 8. Verb gerund. Write Questions and answer them for yourself. 3P Example: enjoy/cook Do you enjoy cookoing? yes do enjoy cookink. No dont like/swim . hate/clean your room love dance .