Arbeitsblatt: Snapshot Unit 12


Unit Test 12
8. Schuljahr
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Marilyn Flückiger
Land: Schweiz
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PRACTICE TEST UNIT 12 DATE: 1. Listen to the text and answer the questions. (5 points) a. What the name of the band? Red Pepper. b. What does Chili play? The guitar c. What days does Chili band play at the „Basement? On Wednesday and Friday. d. Is there disco at the basement too? Yes, there is. e. How many tickets does Chili give them? four 2. Make sentences using like, love, and hate and the correct verb form. (10 points) a. She like go horse ride. She likes going horse riding. b. They love do gymnastics. They love doing gymnastics. c. Ann like /cycle not in the mountains. Ann doesnt like cycling in the mountains. d. She why do like winter sports? Why doesnt she like doing winter sports? e. We hate swim. We hate swimming. 3. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition: in, at or on. (6 points) a. It always hot in August. b. Does the lesson start at nine ocock? c. Let go for pizza on Friday evening. d. meet my friends at eight. e. My birthday is on November 11th. f. Let meet at your house. 4. Answer the questions in the short form. (6 points) a. Do you like swimming? b. Has she got brother? c. Does he read books? d. Is this your pencil? e. Can your brother play the piano? f. Do you hate dogs? Yes, do. No, she hasnt. Yes, she does. No, it is. Yes, he can. Yes, do. 5.Answer the questions. (5 points) a. How often do you watch TV? Three times week. b. Which is the month between January and March? February c. How often do you eat breakfast? Every day. d. What are the seasons? winter, spring, summer, autumn e. When do you usually go to bed? At 10:00 oclock. 6. Translate the sentences. (10 points) a. Sie spielen einmal in der Woche Fussball. They play footbal once week. b. Im Sommer macht er Leichtathletik. He does athletics in the summer. c. Sie fährt gerne Rad. She likes cycling. d. Ihr macht nichts. You dont do anything. e. Wir gehen jedes Wochenende Schlittschuh laufen. We go skating every weekend. 7.Write six sentences to penfriend about yourself. Use these words: Name, Nationality, Age, sports you like, after school activities. (12 points) My name Jane Johnson. Im Swiss. Im 14 years old. like horse riding very much. After school go straight home and then meet my friends. love my horse and my cats. live in Lovelyland. like swimming but hate playing volleyball. Bye! Points: / 54 Mark: Class Average: Parents signature: