Arbeitsblatt: Vocabulary Test


Voices 2, Unit 2 Vocabulary Test
8. Schuljahr
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Olivia Carter
Land: Schweiz
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Voices 2, Unit 2 – Vocabulary Test 1. Crossword 1. place where it rains lot and where you find many trees 2. translate Erbe or Erbschaft 3. the opposite of small or tiny 4. being the only one of its kind (einzigartig) 5. taking-off or leaving of plane (noun) 6. the opposite of mountain 7. the people who live in Australia and came there first 8. two people have an argument or fight. There is . between them. 9. paper or little book with advertises or other information 2. Fill in the gap with the correct word or letter, choose one of a), b), c) or d). We have lot of problems in the world, for instance the logging of the tropical rainforest. a) environmentally b) environmental c) environmentalist d) environment 3. Choose the letter which describes the word treasure best: a) unique c) precious b) attractive d) beautiful 4. Fill in the gaps: Lisa is on holidays and writes to her grandma: Hi Grandma Im writing from Australia. The plane is very popular and cheap of transport. But for short distances always take the bus. Sometimes it takes longer than expected and the ride is bit bumpy because there are many road. At least, the streets are quite wide and not that like in Switzerland. Tomorrow, Im going to rent bicycle. That allows me to explore the city on my. Im very by the attractive scenery, the sites. Lots of love Lisa 5. Finish the following sentences: You need to defend yourself. It was the first time dug_. The protest was peaceful and successful because_. believe in recycling because. What think harms the nature the most is.