Arbeitsblatt: Unit 2 Lesson 1 and 2 Test


Inspiration 2 Grammar Test Unit 2 Lesson 1 and 2, should, comparison, superlative
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Gabriela Horner
Land: Schweiz
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Unit 2 Lesson 1 and 2 Test Name: 1. Give advice to following people, using should or shouldnt (6) Peter doesnt know what to do tonight. Joey is very hungry. Your mum has too much work. Liz is often bored. Ally has never got any money left at the end of the month. Chris has smoking cough. 2. Fill the gabs with the correct comparative or superlative: (12) English wine is good but French wine is English cooking is bad but Scottish cooking is It long way from London to Moscow but London to Sydney is even. Ive got two daughters. Sophie is the younger one and Kathryn is the . My job is getting (hard). like visiting Switzerland but it is getting (expensive). Im so happy. must be the man in the world! Theyre both nice but Susan is the of the two. was really ill yesterday but feel little today. In Africa people are than in Europe. Berlin is than Bern. Jennifer is (young). 3. How do you build the comparative and the superlative? (4)