Arbeitsblatt: Word Order Englisch Übungen 2


Übungen zur Word Order im englischen Satz
7. Schuljahr
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Steger Patrick

Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

Word Order positiver Satz 1 1. like I you 2. French I speak 3. hates pigeons he 4. they song a sing 5. sell flowers we 6. you see me can 7. buy milk he wants to 8. feed you my cat can 9 sister has my got a dog 10. must the book read you Word Order positiver Satz 2 1. go now home I‘ll 2. give the present tomorrow well him 3. her meet today at we the station 4. is this week he in hospital 5. in Greece spend Ill next year my holiday 6. must at five oclock leave we the house 7. the library take Ill the book today to 8. my mum breakfast in the morning makes 9. tonight want to the cinema to go we 10. write next week they at school a test Word Order negativer Satz 1. our holiday wont at home we spend next year 2. dont I him see tonight at the disco 3. to party not we tonight going are 4. will a letter not next week send you she 5. the truth doesnt he tell you 6. to the cinema we want dont tonight to go 7. play in the bar doesnt he this week the piano 8. not now she in England is 9. eat in winter ice-cream do not I 10. right now have we time dont Word Order Fragesatz 1. do a dog you have 2. you coffee do like 3. speak she English does 4. he can dance 5. play at you the weekends do tennis 6. go tonight out you do 7. the train when leave does 8. him she does the truth tell why 9. on they holiday are 10 she Australia from is