Arbeitsblatt: NSE Test Unit 5


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Steger Patrick

Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Test Unit 5 25.1.06 name: 1. Whats my, his, her favourite? e.g. London. - London is my favourite city. a) Jeanine red. b) Bill wine. c) Mona. d) Bill Julia Roberts. e) Jeanine Paris. f) pizza. - - - - - - 2. Write sentences with these words: a) the table Susans is dictionary on b) black car Freds is and red c) house Jeanines got in favourite New York her and is colour black d) isnt Susans a student brother e) six Ive got on paper chairs my 3. Write the full form: is has genitive? e.g. Tonys French. - Tony is French. a) Bettys sorry. b) Sarahs shirt is long c) Alberts got big dog. d) Jeanines singer. e) Tracys name is Blake. f) Marys student. g) Daddys in his office h) Clays got dictionary. - - - - - - - - 4. Whats the meaning of the ‘s? a) Hes got new coat. b) Shes good actress. c) Janes nice girl. d) Shes got short hair. e) Hes carpenter. f) Julias mother is teacher 5. His, her, my or your? is is is is is is has has has has has has genitive genitive genitive genitive genitive genitive a) Im Swiss. b) Youre English. c) Marias Spanish. d) Pauls German. e) Peters Swiss, too. f) Annas Italian. flag is red and white. flag is red, white and blue. flag is red and yellow. flag is black, red and yellow. flag is red and white. flag is green, white and red. 6. Fill in the gaps: Use: are got he Hes is his His got hasnt hes Hes isnt His His names Peter. from New York, but American English. one sister, but he brother. sister called Karin and mother and father called George and Lyn. favourite city is Los Angeles. 7. Odd one out: one word doesnt fit: a) banana book – apple – ice-cream b) father – uncle – sister – son c) is – have – are – d) bicycle – book – bus – banana e) Italian – France – Swiss – English f) women – coats – children – feet g) ladys – boys – girls – watches h) bus – watch – lorry – train i) car – dog – cat – duck k) who – where – because – why 8. Vocabulary Hut Socken anziehen Jupe Knopf Gürtel kurze Hosen Stiefel Ärmel Regenschirm P: Handschuhe Brille ausziehen Armbanduhr Koffer Grösse Hosentasche Reissverschluss Wolle Krawatte N: