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Test English P: 80 Unit 9 ø: 15.11.10 N: N: U: 1. What time is it? 18 e.g. 8.15 Its quarter past eight a.m. a) 4.45. b) 16.10 c) 7.30 d) 12.00 e) 6.37 f) 1.11 g) 9.14 h) 21.41 i) 19.15 k) Its five past seven a.m. l) Its twentyseven to ten p.m. m) Its thirteen to five p.m. n) Its midnight. o) Its half past twelve a.m. p) Its quarter to one p.m. q) Its seventeen to eleven a.m. r) Its eighteen past eight p.m. s) Its quarter past four a.m. 2. Write the 3. p. sg. (he, she): go drive fly work watch live be 3. How many times? Monday Tuesday Wednesday restaurant tennis restaurant dog dog apple 7 write do finish play drink read eat Thursday car dog 12 Friday cinema dog Saturday bicycle dog Sunday mother dog TV apple Italian pizza TV dog friend restaurant How many times does she do this? e.g. ride bicycle Italian car disco tennis friend bicycle She rides bicycle twice week. She b) go to the disco? She c) play tennis? She d) watch TV? She e) speak to friend? She f) go to the cinema? She g) learn Italian? She h) visit her mother? She i) walk with her dog? She k) eat pizza? She l) eat an apple? She m) drive car? She a) eat in restaurant? 4. never – always 10.5 Complete: nie never How often does he do that? e.g. visit zoo immer He never visits zoo. eat in restaurant He_ do his homework go to the cinema eat lunch at noon fly to Paris say good morning watch breakfast TV 5. Write the verbs positive () or negative (-): 17 Maria (go, ) to school in London, but she (go, ) at the weekends. She (like, ) the buses in the mornings, but she (like, ) the school. She (start, ) at the same time every day, but she always (finish, ) at 12.30. She (have got, ) two or three English friends. In the afternoons, she often (meet, ) her English friends, or she (do, ) her homework. She always (eat, ) dinner with her family, and often (watch, ) TV with them, too. She (phone, ) her family in Italy twice week, but she (write, ) to them very often! At the weekends she often (go, ) to the cinema, but she (go, ) to football matches. She always (learn, ) on Sunday mornings, but she (learn, ) on Sunday evenings. 6. Word order: 16 three Tina restaurant eats week. a in times sometimes evenings. Alan his in friends the meets week? to Alan Does every write Tina visits every Tina her Sunday. mother disco week. to goes once Tina homework Alan evenings? Does always his do the in Alan girlfriend week. phones twice his Wednesdays? Tina Italian learn Does on