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Test English P: 72 Unit 10 ø: 21.12.10 N: N: U: 1. Listen and write down the word: a) e) b) f) c) g) d) h) 2. Write these numbers in words: a)20 b)40 c)100 d)1x e)2x 12 i) k) l) m) 10 f)10.30 g)12.00 h)9.15 i)2.45 k)6x 3. Fill in the missing words: 12 Mrs Anita 1 works at Boutique ABC. This 2 boutique is 3 of Bristol. Mrs Jones 4 five minutes 5 the boutique. She 6 at 7.30 every 7 and always eats eggs for 8 and she drinks tea too. She 9 to the shop at 8.30 and she 10 at 5.30 in the 11. She works at the shop five days 12. She likes her job very much. Use: week, breakfast, evenings, finishes, from, goes, gets up, in the centre, Jones, lives, modern, morning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 4. Whats the opposite? 9 a) small k) fat b) up l) soft c) young m) high d) cool n) happy e) pretty o) easy f) modern p) expensive g) rich q) true h) good r) weak i) full s) dry 5. Make sentences (questions) with these words: 6 a) cinema Does in she work ? b) she in live Bristol Does ? c) every walk Does for morning she hour an ? d) breakfast Does the mornings in eat she ? e) work finish 6 at oclock she Does ? f) Does boutique day she every the go to ? 6. Look at number 3 and give the answer to the question in number 5 (positive answer Yes, she does; negative answer No, she doesnt and the correct information): 6 a) b) c) d) e) f) 7. Write these sentences in plural: a) This watch is very cheap._ b) He is very poor man. c) That child is bit too fat. d) Where is my big dictionary? e) Her dress is very long. f) Shes very slow writer. g) Which one is his old book? 7 8. Write dialogue (A wants to buy pullover): 5 Use: only £30. much is it? of course you can. black one is cheap. bit expensive. £75. try the black one on, please? is that white pullover? your pullovers very expensive? very expensive, isnt it? A: How much A: Oh, its A: Are all A: How A: Oh, can B: Its B: Yes, it is B: No, this B: Its B: Yes, 9. Write dialogue like in ex. 8. Now, wants to buy A: A: A: A: A: B: B: B: B: B: shoes! 5