Arbeitsblatt: NSE Test Unit 12


Lernkontrolle zum Unit 12
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Test English P: 85 Unit 12 ø: 16.5.11 N: N: U: 1. When is your birthday? How do you say this? 12 George: 2.1. Its_ Anna: 4.6. Caroline: 30.4. Christine: 7.12. Fred: 1.2. Peter: 8.3. John: 19.5. Sally: 14.7. Margaret: 10.10. James: 26.8. Olivia: 25.11. Alice: 3.9. 2. When is your birthday? How do you Frank: 1.4. Simon: 28.6. Alissa: 15.2. Robin: 22.9. Paul: 2.3. Alex: 9.5. Carl: 6.11. Jessie: 24. 8. Mark: 13.12. Lilly: 20.10. Andy: 17.1. Claire: 4. 7. write this? 12 Its 3. In the café: Complete the dialogue: Waiter: afternoon. you like to see the menu? 17 Judy: Yes,. Thank you. Waiter: What you to order, madam? Judy: like pot tea, please. Waiter: And you anything to eat? Judy: Yes, sandwich, . Waiter: An egg ? Judy: No. you. eggs. cheese sandwich, . 4. An offer or question? What do you answer? 20 Would you like cup of coffee? to live on big boat? to have more uncles or aunts? glass of apple juice? to learn to play tennis? to have rich family? to get lot of money? pear? glass of beer? to come swimming at 4? to smoke cigar? to go to Africa? to have car? to be pop singer? CocaCola? to learn Italian? sandwich? cigarette? mineral water? to fly to Australia? 5. Whats on the menu? Use your dictionary if you dont know it! Tomatensuppe: Fleisch und Fisch: Poulet oder Truthahn: Gemüse: gebackene Kartoffeln: Pilze: 12 Obst: Ananas: Erdbeeren: Glace: Kuchen: Brötchen: 6. Whats on the table? Besteck: Gewürz: Salatsauce: Serviette: Geschirr: ein Krug Wasser: 6 8. Whats the name for: Frühstück: Vorspeise: Abendessen: Hauptgang: Zwischenmahlzeit: Dessert: 6