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Test English Unit 15 (imperatives, object pronouns, too/either, money) 4.11.11 N:_ P: 82 ø: N: U: 1. Word order: Write the sentences. a) bank ask the for 5,000 6 b) tell husband dont your c) police to speak the dont d) the bring the to money midnight restaurant at e) restaurant friend come the dont to with f) home me money then give the and go 2. To which person belong these sentences: • A boy B girl C boy and girl like her very much. Ask her, she knows. never see them at the disco. Dont tell them the answers. Give her this book, please. Look, this postcard is from them. 6 Sorry, cant help them on Wednesday. Dont phone him now. go to school with him. Id like to ask him question. Dont invite her to the party. Speak to him on Friday at school. 3. Fill in the question words: 8 a) does she play tennis with her mother? (on Sundays) b) does she usually see her friends? (at the disco) c) does she have drink with her brother? (on Tuesdays) d) does she phone you? (1x week) e) does she go out with her boyfriend? (2x week) f) does she write to her aunt in America? (never) g) does she cook lunch for her best friends children? (on Wednesdays) h) do your teachers give homework to you and your friends? (every day) Now give the answers. Use: me, him, her, us, them! 7 a) e.g. She plays tennis with her on Sundays. b) c) d) e) f) g) h) 4. too or either? 8 a) She likes poodles. like poodles,. b) She speaks English. They speak English, . c) She cant swim. He cant swim, . d) They live in London. Their friends live in London,. e) dont smoke. He doesnt smoke,. f) She hasnt got car. havent got car, . g) Id like coffee, please. Shed like coffee,. h) He isnt here. She isnt here, . 5. Who gives these orders? a) for late dont work be b) the dont in hotel smoke c) words your look in dictionary these for d) clearly phone the speak on very e) do dont your forget to homework 9 f) this listen dialogue to g) dinner come have and h) shoes chair the dont on your put i) your in on lesson Friday ask teacher the teacher: hotel manager: mother: 6. Pronouns: write the sentence for each person. 6 ich: Id like to invite my friends to have dinner with me. du: d like to invite friends to have dinner with. er: d like to invite friends to have dinner with. sie: d like to invite friends to have dinner with. wir: ihr: sie: d like to invite friends to have dinner with. d like to invite friends to have dinner with. d like to invite friends to have dinner with. 7. Here is conversation between Joe and Eric. Put Joes sentences in the correct order (Joe starts.): 10 Joe Eric 1 Well, here comes my first idea – rob bank. Caroline Fitzwilliams 2 Oh – my second idea – find rich woman. Yes, fantastic idea. Here in Jacksville Dont you know the lady? 3 Whats her name? 4 And where does she live? want to be rich what can do? Yes, poodle. She loves poodles and hate poodles! No, dont want problems with the police. can kidnap her poodle and ask for 5,000. No, my wife and are happy – but know rich woman. You dont understand – Ive got an idea. No, but this rich lady has got first class dog. 5 No – but you say you dont want to find rich lady. 6 dog? 7 dont understand. 8 Whats your idea, Joe? 9 Kidnap her poodle! Thats what call fantastic idea. 10 But dont forget – kidnap the dog, dont kidnap the lady! 8. story: Fill in the missing words. 10 Use: I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they my, your, his, her, our, your, their me, you, him, her, us, you, them Mr and Mrs Thomson live in small house near London.1_ is near park.2_ like3_ very much, but4_ would like to have one with garden.5_ sometimes say to6_ friends: Please find7_ house with garden.8_ arent rich and9_ arent poor either, but houses near London with gardens are expensive.10_ have got two young children. Mr and Mrs Thomson love11_ very much.12_ is called Tom. Mrs Thomson takes13_ to play school every morning.14_ daughters name is Miranda.15_ doesnt go to school. Mrs Thomson often plays with16_ in the park. Mr Thomson works in school.17_ teaches French and English.18_ students are 12 years old.19_ would like to go to France with all of20_, but21_ are bit too young. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 9. Words Unit 15: 21 12 Mitternacht Papi helfen kaufen suchen gewinnen Geld tausend lieben hassen öffnen Wurm unglücklich verkaufen Vergiss nicht! Frage ihn! Lotterie Hund Dame goldener Ring zuhören Tonband Seite fantastisch