Arbeitsblatt: Unit 2 (snapshot) Repetition


Übungen zur Unit 2 aus dem Lehrmittel snapshot
7. Schuljahr
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Sanela Marjanovic
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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1. Questions and answers. Is he small? Are you hungry? Is she tired? No, he isnt. No, . Yes, . Are you thirsty? Is it cold? Yes, . Is he wrong? No, . Yes, . 2. Write the opposite of these adjectives. (the opposite das Gegenteil) cold . right . hungry . small . new . hot wrong . white . . 3. a) Translate Er ist aus Basel. Wie alt bist du? Wir sind Freunde. Sie ist müde. Der Hund ist gross. Ich bin nicht hungrig. . Bist du Emily? b) Write the numbers. 12 8 17 14 5 20 4. Prepositions: in, on, at Circle the correct preposition. My mother is in on the car. My sister is in on her room. My brother is at on school. Jennys book is at in the bag. My bag is at on the seat. My school is in on Basel. 5. Possessive adjectives. Look at the two grammar tables. singular my plural we our you your you your he his they their she her it its Singular Plural mein unser(e) dein euer/eure sein ihr ihr This is Luke. His sister is Emily. (not!!! Her sister is Emily.) *Das ist Luke. Seine Schwester ist Emily. Complete the sentences. This is Emily. brother is Luke. This is Charlie. mother is Sally Freeman. This is Sally Freeman. husband (Ehemann) is Mr Freeman. This is Michael. friend is Luke. 6. Translate Meine Schwester ist in der Schule. . Es ist sein Bleistift. Das ist mein Bruder. Sein Name ist Andy. 7. Complete the questions. Use what, how (old), who or where and the correct form of the verb be. a) How old is your mother? Shes 32. b) . that boy? Hes my friend, Jay. c) . you? Im fifteen. d) . your father? Hes at home. e) . that? Its my English exercise book. f) . your name? g) . the box of chocolates? Its in the car. h) . your favorite singer? Its Michael Jackson. i) . your sister? Shes only six.